10 ways to keep bissy at the hair salon for men.



  1. Chill in the window and read a old magazine and hope that there is some fancy people walking by.
  2. Organize the shampoo, with a book on your head. Think fitness, its like working out.
  3. Take 5
  4. Sing a song to all the people who is there, while your blowing your hair.
  5. Read a book again and then try to pose like a macho man.
  6. Dont understand that one.
  7. Stretch your legs.
  8. Read a book while you are doing your as workout.
  9. Read up side down and get the blood pumping.
  10. Time to get that hair fixed.

I really do love Mint hair salon at Bislett. Best place ever for a man to take a break for the daily life.  See ya soon MINT.


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